Quick to setup, easy to operate

With a few simple steps, anyone can setup Saleculator. Learning operations takes only minutes with its very friendly user interface.

Multiple modes of operation

Saleculator works in one of the three ticketing modes, making it fit for any retail or restaurant business.

Single source solution

Saleculator combine both software and hardware required for retail operations. So you have no headache of having multiple vendors for software and hardware.

Simple & easy to use billing system

Whether you run a single outlet or multiple, managing retail business is a challenge. Business success requires insight into sales, inventory, customers and employee productivity. Saleculator gives visibility into all these dimensions of your business while keeping you in control.

Modern design

Small footprint gives a sleek professional look and saves desk space.

Purpose designed

It is a scientific fact that human can fully focus on just one thing at a time.

Improved visibility

Improved visibility into real-time sales activities, from wherever you are.

Easy to Customize

Try with preset backups and code snippets. It's for your business now!

Boom. Instant Reviews.

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  • We're happy with Saleculator. It's simple to use, inexpensive, and the reporting tools give us realtime details.
    Hot Buns
  • I was going to buy an expensive POS System. But now I am using Saleculator, I got more with less.
    Blue Grill
  • Saleculator gives us clear, detailed data and real time reports from desktop or even my smartphone.
    Arabian Dines