Assess. Configure. Operate.

Here is an overview of implementing Saleculator in any retail or restaurant environment.

Implementing Saleculator is a three step process:

Assess > Configure > Operate


All customers are not the same. Work with customers and understand their business needs. Remind customers about the benefits and limitations of the solution.

Use the below forms to summarize the result of assessment.

For retail business download the from here.

For restaurant business download the from here.

Restaurant operations flow can be taken from here.


Most of the customer needs can be met using the default configuration. Try to best address the unique needs of your customer making use of the scripts available.

Browse the script repository here.

Get the products catalog loaded if a bulk upload is possible. There are 2 possible ways to bulk load data to Saleculator. Using the Webin Bulk Load feature or bulk load using excel template.

Using Webin Bulk Load, copy paste the data to respective columns and submit. If you are using the excel template, generate the .sql files and restore it to load categories, products and stock.

Before proceeding to next step, trial run and validate the solution. Use below checklists for configuration and post-configuration checks:

Download configuration checks here.


Make the solution operational. Monitor, maintain and support to ensure the efficient operation of the solution.

Download the completion from here.

Download the use manual from here.